Sonam Kapoor Best Hairstyles and Haircut Tutorial

Sonam Kapoor Best Hairstyles

Sonam Kapoor is a well known actress in Bollywood who is known to one and all as a style diva. The actress has been many a times applauded for her fashion sense and the same also applies to their hairdos. She is known for her hairstyles and let us know have a look at some of Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles.

The Puff: Not everyone can carry this kind of a hairdo with such an ease like Sonam Kapoor. While there are many actresses who have already tried such a hairstyle, Sonam Kapoor does it with a difference and it certainly adds up to her height.

The Princess Look: No one other than Sonam Kapoor can get this look right. The loosely flowing curls do add up to her look and make her appear like so timeless.

The Sleek Braid: This is one kind of a braid which the actress spots quite often. The braid is added just one sided and this certainly adds glamour to her overall appearance.

The Low and the High Bun: Sonam Kapoor certainly has that confidence and it shows in how she styles her hair.

While there are a number of girls out there who wish to know as to how to do Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles, we bring you the most famous Sonam Kapoor Hair Tutorial.

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles in Saree

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles in Saree

If you have a very long and flowing hair, just like Sonam Kapoor, you can certainly try the bun hairstyles. Also, the Sonam Kapoor Haircut too is quite popular with the young girls.

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles in Aisha

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles in Aisha

First comb the hair well and then take a portion of the hair and made a smooth side flick. The rest of the hair needs to be pulled back to a nice and tight bun. Try some of the Sonam Kapoor hairstyles and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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