Sonakshi Sinha Hairstyles and Haircut Tutorial

Sonakshi Sinha Hairstyles and Haircut

Sonakshi Sinha never fails to impress one and all with her make-up and hairdos. The same too was spotted many a times when she attends the promotional events of her movies. Sonakshi Sinha Hairstyles have always been popular and the most popular of them all is her straight hair or the messy bun which she carries with much ease.

Sonakshi Sinha Short Haircut styles too are much popular with the younger generation. Be it the Short Blunts which she added with some fiery color, made one fall in love with her hair at the very first instant.

Even the Side Corn Rows which she was spotted wearing did look complicated. But the Sonakshi Sinha Haircut is the good old bob which is only divided with a good deep side partition.

Sonakshi Sinha Emo Hairstyle

Sonakshi Sinha Emo Hairstyle

Most of the gorgeous ladies out there would admit that it is indeed hard to find looks and the tutorials for the same and once found we shouldn’t step back to share the procedure.

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Sonakshi Sinha Hair Tutorial

Most of her fans looking for the beautiful hairstyle in different movies and follow them. Here you can find some tips and suggestion about the hairstyle. Let us have a look at the Sonakshi Sinha Hair Tutorial.

  • Start by rinsing your hair with a mild shampoo or rinse with a bottle of beer. Leave it on for 5-10mins and rinse well.
  • Add conditioner from the root to the top and leave it for 5 minutes and rinse properly.
  • Towel dry the hair well if you have a wavy or a straight hair. One can also blow the hair but do not use it regularly as it can damage the hair.
  • When your hair is semi damp, start combing the strands at the crown backside and towards one side of your head. The parting certainly need not show but the combing of the hair towards one side has to be visible. Then pull the hair forward which is on the side of your shoulder.
  • Apply the shine serum and do not use any kind of volumising products for this specific look.

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