Short Model Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

Women with round face usually love to have a long hairstyles that could make them look slimmer. But, how about when they hate to have a long hair? As we know, a long hair is difficult to be maintained, and some women usually choose the short hairstyle that easier to be maintained. That is why, the short hairstyle become a kind of favorite hairstyle for most of women. But, how about the women who have round face type? Could they have a short hairstyle? Because we all know that in nowadays, the short hairstyle could make the face look more chubby.

Short Model Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

Slimmer Face Look With Short Hairstyle

Since there are a lot of women who love to have the short hairstyle, of course we need to know what kind of short hair cut style for women that have a round face. The most avoided short hairstyles for women with round face is the pixie hair cut style, because the pixie hair cut style could make the cheek looks rounder. That is why, when a women have a round face, many hair stylists said that it would not good for them to have the pixie hair cut style.

So, what kind of short hairstyles for women with round face that could make them look slimmer? Well, the layer is the key. Although a women have a short hairstyle, it would be good for them to make layers in their short hair, so they would get a slimmer cheek impression.

The bob hairstyle is a kind of another good hairstyle for women who have a round face. It would be good for women with round face to have the bob hairstyle because people will get their attention into the hair models that beautiful, not in the chubby cheek. By getting the bob hairstyle, people would get the best slim face also.

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