Is it Better to Comb or Brush Hair for Women

Better option for Hair – comb or brush

Better option for Hair – comb or brush

Large number of women are very serious for their hair care and they want to know which is better option to comb or brush for hair?

See, If you use a soft brush, brushing is less damaging then combing, but a stiff brush does cause more damage to the hair than a comb. Prolonged brushing also harms the hair considerably. So the proverbial 100 strokes a night may actually harm the hair. Backcombing also damages the hair. It ruffles the scales of the cuticle as well as it causes knotting which is difficult to untangle.

We hair should never be combed or brushed because hair sticks together when wet and a greater force is required to comb or brush it and this causes greater damage to the hair. Moreover, the bonds (hydrogen bonds) which are responsible for the strength of the hair are broken temporarily when the hair is wet. This makes wet hair weak and more likely to be broken by combing or brushing.

A good comb should have rounded and not sharp teeth. Brush ends should also always be rounded to minimise mechanical damage to the hair. Nylon brushes with spiky ends also damage the hair. The best hair brushes are made of bristles from the hair of wild boar – the tine scales on the bristles clean the hair and give it a sheen.

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