How to Grow Long Hair Fast Naturally at Home

How to Grow Long Hair Fast Naturally

Are you looking for the best information where you will know about how to grow your long hair fast and naturally at home then must read this complete article where you will get home made tips to grow long hair. We work hard to compile this information for you and provide useful tips to increase hair growth fast.

Average hair growth is a centimeter a month, however, if you have short or scanty hair and want long lustrous locks, you will be certain that your hair probably does not grow that much in a year. Do be aware that if you have been ill, eating a very restricted diet or under stress, it will show in your hair. Do not panic, there are things that you can do. Some vitamins promote healthy hair growth. No need for supplements just ensuring that certain foods are in your diet will help you to grow that beautiful healthy head of long hair.

Understanding Your Hair

Firstly it helps to understand hair. Humans have three types of hair during their lifetimes. Lanugo, a Latin word meaning wool, is the fluffy, downy hair, on most newborn baby’s heads, which generally rubs off after the first few months, to many a first time mother’s dismay. When a baby’s hair grows again it has changed into vellus hair, present all over the body until puberty. When a child reaches puberty, the vellus hair is replaced by terminal hair.

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Each hair is composed of two parts the follicle and the root, the root grows out of the follicle, which leads to the shaft of the hair, the part that sticks out from the head, the bit you can see. The follicle under the scalp. In each hair follicle there is a sebaceous gland, which contains sebum, which lubricates the hair, skin and scalp. A properly lubricated scalp encourages hair growth. Each hair has three layers, the cuticle, cortex and the medulla. People, who have very fine hair, lack the inner medulla layer in their hair.

The Hair Growth Cycle

There are three phases in the hair growth cycle, anagen, catagen and telogen. The length of these phases in the cycle depends on whereabouts and type of hair. Anagen is the growing phase, the longest of these phases lasting between three and five years or even longer for some people. Those lucky souls, who can quickly and easily grow their hair long, probably have a longer anagen phase than others have, around 90% of your hair is in this phase at any one time. Catagen is the start of the resting phase in the hair growth cycle, about 1%of your hair is usually in this phase.

Telogen is the last phase, when the hair stops growing and begins to fall out, it usually lasts between three and six months, ending when the hair falls out to be replaced by a new hair, which is beginning its anagen phase. This cycle continues throughout life. It is completely natural to see shed hair in the brush when you brush your hair and not something to worry about. Humans are constantly shedding and replacing hair. Unless your hair is coming out in clumps, or thinning so dramatically that you can see your scalp, there is no need for concern.

Nutrition and Hair Growth

Foods That Boost Hair Growth

Foods That Boost Hair Growth

Everyone knows that one should eat a balanced diet to remain healthy, good nutrition can also help to keep your hair healthy. Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E and biotin, trace elements copper, and zinc, and protein are all components, which should be present in a healthy diet and they also encourage hair growth.

The Vitamins for Hair Growth Fast

Vitamin A is one of the anti-oxidant which promotes both a healthy scalp and hair growth. Too much vitamin A is poisonous to the body, it can cause liver damage and has other very unpleasant side effects. Overdosing on vitamin A is also counter-productive in your quest for long, thick healthy hair, since it can cause hair loss and thinning. Fish, dairy products and some vegetables contain vitamin A.

The B complex vitamins work together for maximum effect, they create the conditions for healthy hair growth and prevent thinning hair. They also reduce hair loss and slow the graying process. You can find B complex vitamins in eggs, meat and legumes.

Biotin is one of the B vitamins and well known to promote hair growth, which is why manufacturers use it in many shampoos, conditioners and hair preparations. Dairy products, nuts and cheese all contain biotin.

Scientists knew that Vitamin C, present in fruits and vegetables, especially in citrus fruits, prevents scurvy and infection a long time ago, however, recently science has discovered its dramatic role in hair growth. This anti oxidant prevents hair breaking and strengthens both follicles and hair shafts.

Vitamin E enhances the blood flow to the scalp and promotes faster hair growth. Enhancing the blood flow to the scalp helps to promote the conditions in which hair is likely to grow, similar to how, when planting things in the garden, you prepare and feed the soil. However, be aware that taken in very large quantities vitamin E can affect your blood pressure. Sunflower seeds, spinach and other dark green vegetables, nuts and plant oils all contain Vitamin E.

You should not, despite what companies who manufacture food supplements say, start taking large amounts of food supplements. Taking large doses of some vitamins, for example, vitamin A is extremely dangerous and can cause medical problems and worse. Not worth the risk, and in any case you should not take food supplements unless you have been advised by a doctor or nurse to do so. If you do wish to take any food supplement, consult medical advice before doing so. Taking food supplements in an artificial form is also pointless, when you can get all the nutrients that you need to encourage your hair to grow, naturally from your diet. Also, some food supplements are not in the best form for the body to absorb, for example vitamin D, whereas the vitamins and trace elements found in food always are.

It is always important to eat a healthy, balanced diet, but who knew that doing so could also help to encourage your hair to grow. Eating a healthy balanced diet is what everyone should be doing anyway, it is gratifying to know that doing so will also help your hair to grow into the long, lovely, crowning glory that you desire.

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