How to Get Healthy Hair with Natural Food and Diet

Beautiful, shining and healthy hair is a valuable asset. It can also be a versatile fashion accessory, to be coloured, curled, dressed up, or smoothed down – all in a matter of minutes. However, too much attention, combined with the effects of a poor diet, pollution, air-conditioning and central heating can mean that your hair becomes the bane of your life rather than your crowning glory. A daily haircare routine and prompt treatment, when problems arise, are therefore of vital importance in maintaining the natural beauty of healthy hair.

Healthy Hair Tips

How Importance of Diet for Healthy Hair

What you eat is soon reflected in the health of your hair. Like the rest of the body, healthy, shining hair depends on a good diet to ensure it is supplied with all the necessary nutrients for sustained growth and health. Regular exercise is also important as it promotes good blood. Circulation, which in turn ensures that vital oxygen and nutrients are transported to the hair root via the blood. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise are soon reflected in the state of the hair, even a minor case of ill-health will usually make the hair look limp and lacklustre.

An adequate supply of protein in the diet is essential. Good sources include lean meat, poultry, fish cheese and eggs as nuts, seed and pulses. Fish, seaweed, almonds, brazil nuts, yogurt and cottage cheese all help to give hair strength and a natural shine.

Wholegrain foods and those with natural oils air highly recommended for the formation of keratin, the major component of hair. Seed are rich source of vitamins and minerals as well as protein. Try to eat at least three pieces of fruit a day – it is packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Avoid saturated fat, which is found in red meat, fried foods and dairy products. Choose skimmed or semi- skimmed milk rather than the full-fat varieties, and low-fat cheese and yogurt instead of full-fat cheese and cream. Substitute vegetable oils such as sunflower, safflower and olive for animal fats. These foods all provide nutrients that are essential for luxuriant hair.

If you eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh ingredients you shouldn’t need to take any supplementary vitamins to promote healthy hair growth.

What to Eat for Healthy Hair

Food for Healthy HairCut down on tea and coffee – they are powerful stimulants that act on the nervous,   respiratory and cardiovascular systems, increasing the excretion of water and important nutrients. They also hamper the absorption of minerals crucial for hair health. Drink mineral water (between six and eight glasses a day), herbal teas and unsweetened fruit juice.

Alcohol dilates blood vessels and so helps increase blood flow to the tissues. However, it is antagonistic to several minerals and vitamins that are vital for healthy hair. Limit yourself to an occasional drink.

Regular exercise stimulates the circulatory system, encouraging a healthy blood supply to all cells and nourishing and helping to regenerate and repair.

Some contraceptive pills deplete B-complex vitamins and zinc. If you notice a change in your hair after starting to take the Pill, or changing brands, ask your family doctor or nutritionist for advice.

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