Healthy Diet for Hair Growth

Best Food for Hair Growt

A Healthy Diet is essential for hair growth and hair care, well-being and long life. Since hair is the least important of all the human organs, it gets the minimum nutrition from the blood that which is left over after the needs of the vital organs – the hearts, lungs and liver. Therefore, hair displays the first signs of nutritional deficiency of the body when it occurs.

Hair is an extension of your skin and is composed of cells that have rinsed from generative cells deeper within the body – cells which are formed, some four to six weeks earlier.

Since hair is made up of a protein called keratin hair needs protein for its growth and well-being. Now here are some super protein food items apart from meat, that are good for your hair. Scientists have come up with a way of assessing which protein foods are better than others. Their frame of reference is termed ‘biological value’ and the basic is the amount of food required to meet human needs.

What to Eat for Healthy Hair

Eggs for Hair Growth: Have the largest amino acid methionine than any other complete protein. In addition, eggs contain large quantities of Vitamins A, B, D and E and many minerals including sulphur. One egg a day an give a real boost to your hair growth.

Milk for Hair Growth: Milk is not just for kids, it’s for everyone. It is a complete protein with built-in extra vitamins and minerals that spell lovely hair. All adults should have one glass of milk a day – plus one serving of panner (cottage cheese), ice cream or curd.

Curd is the oldest health food. It contains lactic acid and possesses all the nutrients and proteins in a form which can be easily assimilated by most people. Curd has large amounts of Vitamin B Complex along with bacteria which aids digestion and elimination.

It is suggested that those on antibiotics should have a cup of curd every day antibiotics kill the useful bacteria which our hair and skin need.

Sunflower seeds are low in calories and a good source of complete protein, high in poly-unsaturated fatty acids and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Hair Growth Vitamins and Natural Alternative

Vitamins for Hair Growth: If you are eating well, it should not be necessary to take vitamin or mineral supplements. Vitamins A, D, E and K can cause liver damage if taken in excess. The B group of vitamins, however, are water-soluble and the body will take up only what it requires. Vitamin B is essential for healthy skin and hair and has been considered ‘food for the nerves’ as well as being used to relieve some forms of pre-menstrual tension. So a daily dose of yeast tablets is useful.

Yeast for Hair Growth: The composition of a yeast cell is very similar to the composition of the cells that make up the human body. It is a tremendous source of protein and Vitamin B.

Hair Enemies: Actually, the enemies of your hair are also the enemies of your health. When planning your healthy diet for hair growth, remember that much of what we eat contains toxins and toxic substances. This does not mean that they contain certain ingredients that the body does not need or cannot use. These have to be removed from the body, and the organs through which they are excreted include the liver, kidneys, bowel, lungs and sweat glands. Too many toxins can overwork these organs, causing ill-health, early signs of which could be in the case of the hair and scalp, reduced hair growth, excessive oiliness or dandruff.

A diet high in snack foods, potato chips, cakes, pastries, white bread, foods with high level carbohydrates, sugar-laden soft drinks containing refined sugar or artificial sweeteners or preservative, flavouring and colour, fizzy drinks and fake orange and lemon juice. Factory-farmed meats and vegetables can also be high in toxins.

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